Bombshell, the Hedy Lamarr Story

Hedy Lamarr the super beautiful siren star of Hollywood lived one of the most unusual of all lives. Born to an aristocratic family in Austria she came to America after being discovered by Louis B. Mayer of MGM. At one point she was the most sought after female star in Hollywood. She died alone as a recluse. Married multiple times, she lived in good and bad times.
She always wanted to be know for her one aspect, her brains. She was an inventor and used her highly developed mind to invent a missle system that used variously changing frquencies to guide itself toward a target. She tried to sell it to the US Navy but they just kept her patent and eventually used it and never paid her a nickel. That system is the basis of todays GPS, and cell phone technology. Who knew? The movie is a wonderful ride through her life. She was so far ahead of her times. A feminist and an independent woman who mad poor choices in men and never got the guidance she needed. She was the Bill Gates of her time, but they only saw her beauty. Sad.

Bombshell, the Hedy Lamarr Story
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A woman never recognized for her talent

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