Bohemian Rhapsody, a tribute to a legend.

I bought a few Queen albums back in the day because they were good, but I did not know anything about the band members. So when I bounced in to see BR I was unprepared for the history I was to learn about Farrokh Bulsara, a Parsi, born in Zanzibar, now Tanzania, who fled persecution and moved with his family to India. He was schooled in Bombay, now Mumbai. At age twelve they moved to England where he lived with his parents until he received his arts and graphic design degree.
He could play the piano by ear and taught himself guitar. He formed a few bands that went nowhere. He had one exceptional talent, in that he could sing in 4 octaves. Eventually his band, which was comprised of a dentist and a math genius, and a hard playing drummer, under his direction became known as Queen, and Farrokh changed his name to Freddy Mercury, to the great sadness of his father.
Freddy met his one true friend in Mary Austin and they would endure all the fame, fortune and excesses of his astronomical career.
He was flamboyant and fearless. His music put him at the top of the all time charts. He eventually left the band whom he called his family to do a solo career.
His sexuality was originally hetero,then bi,then gay. He never publically admitted to being gay, in order to spare his Parsi family. The day before he died at 46 he said he was gay and had contracted AIDS.
Freddy is played by Rami Malek who most likely will be rewarded for this unparalleled performance. The movie takes the viewer through his life and keeps an upbeat note. The end performance which was at the Live Aid concert in 1985 is consdidered to be one of the best musical performances of all time.
I could have watched another hour. I think why it made such an impression on me was that I only knew the music, I remember dancing around in my small W Village apt to Bohemian Rhapsody saying to myself that song had everything in it, and I understood none of it, but could not stop playing it. Now his story makes the music better.

Bohemian Rhapsody, a tribute to a legend.
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