BlueDog explains being great to LittleBear

Blue Dog:  How are you today LittleBear?

LittleBear:  I am afraid of the Orangeman with the little fingers.

BD: Why? He is going to make America great again.

LB: Well he sent a mom back to Mexico, and my mom said we could be next.

BD: That’s silly. Bears don’t go to Mexico.

LB: Where will he send me?

BD: He only sends “bad hombres.”

LB: She was just a mom and wasn’t a “bad hombre.”

BD: These things happen when you are trying to go great things.

LB: What great things?

BD: Oh OK. He’s going to take away contraception from women. He is going to let big coal companies make money again and pour their chemicals into streams again. He will take away the bad President’s health care plan. And he will only let certain people ask questions when he talks. And only white people will make important decisions.

LB: I’m brown.

BD: Bearns don’t count. Only certain people count when you make things great.

LB: Why are so many people saying he doesn’t tell the truth?

BD: They are fake people and only he tells the truth. That’s how you become great, you call everyone who doesn’t like you a bad name and then you don’t let them talk and for sure you try to not let them vote.

LB: I don’t think thats so great.

BD: Well he knows more than any of us and the rules don’t apply to him. He doesn’t have to pay taxes and he doesn’t even have to show the people who he makes money with.

LB: That doesn’t sound right.

BD: That’s because you don’t know how to make things great. He does.

LB: I’m even more scared of him now.

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