I hesitated going to see it because of the trailer, thinking it was going to be an over the top hood movie I have seen many times. Gladly mistaken and happy I went to see this, gets better as it goes along, movie about being a black guy in Oakland. Some standard stuff but the twist on the theme is delicious. White guy trying to be all ghetto has a black wife and he’s the Gold toothed rapper who buys the gun. The black guy is a convicted felon but he is doing everything right. No killer here but his dreads in Oakland are a beacon for white cops.
Its all about perception. You know the picture of the two white faces looking at one another? Or is the picture the black urn between them? Both are there in the same picture. It depends on your go to position as to which one you see first and respond to. Welcome to blindspotting, the really good movie about what is seen and what is not. See for yourself.

9 Total Score
Blindspotting can see beyond what is there

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