Black Mass….A dangerous Southie, untethered

Johhny Depp, as always, is believable. In portraying Whitey Bulger, the notorous South Boston killer and government informer, he owns the part. Up to now Mark Wahlberg has peronified the Southie role, inherited from Matt Damon and now Depp adds his role to the raw edged portrayal of the man who had free reign in South Boston to do whatever he wanted. Its a hard movie, not likely to be  on your date night list, but it shows the inner workings of the police in their attempt, with the feds, to take down the North side Italian mob. They used Bulger and he used them. I had reswervations going to see it but after all the shots were fired, I learned I was glad I didn’t live in South Boston, and the line between the cops and the robbers is very, very thin.

Black Mass….A dangerous Southie, untethered
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Depp is Bulger. Believe it.

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  1. Reply Ezan March 1, 2016 at 11:49 am

    Boston is the best place in the whole entire world, and im glad you were able to eixnrpeece some of its amazingness! xoxo RED SOX RULE!!! WOOT WOOT (and people with red sox tattoos rule too!!) aka me

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