Big Sonia

In the long history of horribly named movies, this one has to take the cake. Here is this Bergen Belsen survivor, a fantastic tiny woman who is having to vacate her tailor shop that she ran with her deceased husband forever and a day. Everyone loves her because of her positive spirit and love of humanity. She will not hate. The things she saw in the camp as a child were horrific. On the day the English came to liberate the camp, she was shot in the chest by a stray bullet, just missing her lungs and heart. She watched her mother walk into the crematorium. Now she inspires all by telling her story of survival and love. She even softens hard time prisoners with her message of be a better person.
She is a bigger than life person so I understand why they named the movie like they did, but she is just not “big”, she is spiritual and inspiring and full of life energy. She runs the tailor shop, she cooks and sews and carries her message everywhere as she drives her car around town. There are so many better words to describe her and her life experience, go see for yourself.

Big Sonia
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Little Sonia, a force for Good

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