Beautiful Boy

As someone who has worked Psych ER, and been a therapist for a 50 yrs, I know the world of these parents. The performance by Steve Carell is rare. He was THAT parent. The anguish, the impossible choices, the love, foolhardiness, ignorance and despair. Yet hope is in there somewhere. Director Felix van Groenunger, a Belgian filmmaker and writer, was an academy award finalist last year, and now brings his sensitivity way out front. Timethee Chalamet should get recognition for this spot on performance of good kid who suffers big time. Maura Tierney (who is just one of my favorite people) delivers a painfully accurate performance. This film will hit many people. The reaction to the film will be wide ranging. What I think is, its absolutely dead on. Because of the emotions this film evokes, is the best thing you can say about a director. It gets to you.
For those who now want to hear a RAP
The film’s ride is worth it. Any film that touches on real live, like parents going to Tough Love, where the truth hurts,is not going to be a day in the park. This is not “entertainment.” This one makes you think, and you’ll probably catch a few dreams from it. The attempt here was to present what the parents suffer, as well as the “beautiful boy,” who does this to himself. Last thought, its very good, see it and tell me what you think

Beautiful Boy
9 Total Score
Carell, Tierney, and Chalamet nail it

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