Battle of the Sexes

Steve Carell and Emma Stone do a fantastic job in the very likable Battle of the Sexes. Billie Jean King took on Bobby Riggs for  $1000,000 and bragging rights forever for women’s tennis.  Women were paid a paltry amount by the USTA although they charged fans the same. Billie Jean led the battle and formed the WTA. The battle is the tennis match some thought was unfair to both sides. Riggs 55 and out of shape and King 29 at the top of her game.  But the media hype prevailed and Billie Jean beat the pants off him. There are good subplots, his gambling, and her affair with a woman that add a lot of humanity to the story. Sarah Silverman is even likable in her less than likable role.

Carell is perfect for the part high energy and a likable personality. Emma Stone was spot on depicting King’s facilities as well as her strengths. All and all a good time in the movie house.

Battle of the Sexes
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Battle of the Sexes hits an ace

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