Angkor Awakens..the story of Cambodia

Terrific documentary on the Cambodian civilization, with its deep historical roots, and the devastating genocide that happened during the Pol Pot lead Khmer Rouge regime during the 1970’s.

Its a mandatory watch for history buffs and those who want to understand the politics of what happened to this country after the Americans left Vietnam. The interinvolvement between Cambodia and Vietnam is central to understanding.

Simply put USA’s CIA makes a coup on the Cambodian Presidency and puts in its own puppet. The rebels flee the capitol city Phnom Penh to the mountains for 10 years, gaining strength. When they return the Americans are gone from Vietnam and the strict Marxist Khmer Rouge make everyone leave the city. They stop currency and property rights and form a peasant society. They kill all their own intellectuals, teachers, doctors, engineers etc etc until three million people are  dead, an entire elder population. They are saved by the Vietnamese who finally stand up against their neighboring  brutal regime.

Now with a society suffering from post traumatic stress, they try to regain their feel for life. Jokes are now made about “what if they return?” Seventy percent of Cambodia’s population is now under 35 years of age. I am always amazed at the cruelty of humanity.

Sadly this is an excellent example.

Angkor Awakens..the story of Cambodia
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Angkor Awakens, With hope

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