And so it begins

George Santayana said it long ago. If you don’t learn from the past, you will live to repeat it. Donald Trump just put himself on the same path as Richard Nixon. The men share similar behavior. Both believed in law and order and have an anger at those who disagree with them. They both loved secret deals. Both were vain and thin skinned, and were vindictive. Both thought they were either above the law or it didn’t apply to them. Big mistake.

Trump can now be investigated for excessive use of power which could lead to obstruction of justice charges. First he fired the highly reputable Preet Baharara, the Manhattan U S Attorney. Baharara was investigating Trumps’ friend Roger Ailes for his behavior at Fox. He was also looking into financials of Trump’s Secy of Health and Human Svcs. Tom Price. That name keeps coming up in connection to Gen Flynn and Russia.

Next Trump fired Sally Yates the extremely diligent and respected acting Atty General. She was also on Flynn’s scent and told Trump he was severely compromised by his Russian undisclosed payments. She told him that Flynn lied. Trump fired her and kept Flynn, until the true story hit the media, then he fired Flynn. Raises your eyebrow a bit doesn’t it?

Now he fires James Comey the head of the FBI. Trump cited the handling of the Hillary email investigation. Timing is suspect because if that were the reason he case he would have been fired day one of Trump. Is it coincidental that last week Comey told the Senate he was ” slightly nauseated” to believe he might have helped change an election process? Now Comey was focusing on the Trump campaign connection to possible collusion with Russia. There is Flynn again. Getting too close?

Nixon’s mistake was the coverup. Abuse of power, obstruction and lying. Trump administration refused to hand over one piece of paper connected to this investigation, and now the recused Atty General Jeff Sessions and underling recommended that Comey be fired, and that was okayed by Trump. Comey was investigating Trump and Russia connections which now include Flynn, Price, Sessions and Jarod Kushner. Conflict of interest issues right there. Soon we will see an independent special prosecutor take over this case. It was the beginning of the end for Nixon when he fired Archibald Cox, who was investigating Watergate.

Trump shares all the same faults as Nixon and he’ll eventually get the same result. His downfall is that he doesn’t know history. It doesn’t help that he’s a known pathological liar who doesn’t read. Maybe he skates on the Russia connection, but there will be more of this behavior to come. The USA has a real problem with this self serving President. Me? I believe Santayana.



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  1. Reply Mike Olson May 11, 2017 at 10:27 am

    Well once again we are seeing that facts matter, not opinions or beliefs. Our current President is in over his head, our situation is real, not a scripted reality program.

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