All Americans need to be informed and start working together

To make sure we are all clear on what just happened, I offer the following information.  In the rush between Thurs eve and Friday morning, the Trump administration offered revisions to the failing healthcare bill. It was a last gap measure to appease the Freedom Caucus, representing the staunch conservative wing of the Republican Party. The used to be called the Tea Party. The bill which would have been voted upon excluded the following services, which means insurance companies would not be mandated to offer the following services.

Outpatient Services

Emergency Room visits

Pregnancy, Maternity and newborn care

Hospital services

Mental Health services

Substance Abuse

Prescription drugs

Rehabilitation and habialiative care

Lab services

Preventive care

Pediatric care

All of that was not enough as the Freedom Caucus called Trump’s bluff and didn’t back the bill. The  demise of the the bill was the hardline, no compromise wing within the Republican Party. They have been the problem all along. But Trump blamed the minority Democrats. If he had gone toward the middle as a candidate he would have not created this problem. But by aligning himself with right wing conservatives he aleniated the middle of his own party and moderate democrats. Turns out he now needs them to pass any other legislative agendas.

The problem now for all of us is Obamacare needs restructuring to force insurance companies to do the right thing. Sounds like we need a deal maker. But Trump will let insurance companies off the hook to see Obamacare leave certain states for his own political agenda, he will let it implode rather than trying to fix it. He needs to be President rather than merely a self server. Lots of people will lose coverage because Obamacare fell short of getting insurance companies in line. Trump’s healthcare bill failed after even giving insurance companies more. Totally in the wrong direction and it still wasn’t enough.

Bottom line is our healthcare system is in trouble and Trump blew his chance to fix it. We cannot count on congress to fix this. The American consumer and that’s all of us, have now got to stand up to the insurance companies. A tough fight. But if we get enough alignments maybe enough independent and sane representatives will back us. Now is the time to get all ideas together and not partisan politics. Got an idea? Because it may be you without insurance in the future and your government will not pay for you, like they do in every other Western country.






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