America takes its first step to recovery

I woke up happy today and it feels like its the first time in one year that I can breathe with a sense of optimism in the air. The repudiation of Donald Trump has begun with the voters yesterday, from coast to coast, sending a resounding message that Trump’s policies and performance in office is unacceptable. With a stunning Victory in Virginia and a convincing one in New Jersey the Democratic Party has recaptured two Goverenorships.
Results from the suburbs across the country, indicate a break in the Republican Party’s control, and a split in their allegiance to Donald Trump.
The handwriting on the wall has begun, a signal that Fake News, lying and Tweets is not governing.
In my former town Westfield NJ, which is a very old Republican bastion of conservative thinking, a woman Democrat was elected as Mayor, against the incumbent Republican, and she brought a Democrat into town council office from every ward. A stunning victory that shows on a small scale that the politics of Christie and Trump are no longer accaoptable.
Today is a day where maybe once again we can think of non divisive ways to govern. Information about the effect of Russia’s influence on the thinking of Americans in the election of 2016 is now widespread. False Facebook bots and endless Russian based accounts on Twitter and Instagram had a major effect in electing Donald Trump. But since then, his own unacceptable behavior, and inability to pass legislature with a majority in both houses, has signaled a return to core American values and a defeat for his brand.
One can only hope that this is a beginning of a return to normalcy. The clearest example of Trump is now the USA is the only country in the world to not be part of the Paris accords. The only one, regressive and defiantly stupid. Trump has not added one vote to the base that elected him and yesterday showed that that base is a minority and in deep political trouble.
Thank you Americans for seeing through all the lies and hatred. We are a country of feeedom and were founded by a spirit of independence for everyone. Immigrants who wanted a better and freer life. Not elite and billionaire bullyism. The DeTrumping has begun and we are all better off. Now lets get moving toward 2018, there is a country to save.

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  1. Reply B.L. November 9, 2017 at 1:10 pm

    Definitely a hopeful sign. But we have a long way to go.
    Only 14% of Americans are White Christians, and many of them are old.
    We need to get young people involved and voting.
    But it surely was exciting to see the election results rejecting King 45.

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