The Alamo is about to begin, get your popcorn

Well all the players are now assembling for the grand finale. In this epic battle of justice and truth,(can you see Frederek Marsh in 1960 Inherit the Wind?, versus lies and deception (media manipulation of fact). The stage is set like never before in the American Reality tv of Donald Trump. Didnt a lot of people say he will implode within a year? I put my $2 on this year. He’s cooked after Nov.
James Comey, the former fired FBI Director, and Robert Mueller, former FBI Director, now the head of the Special Counsel investigating the Russian interference in the 2016 American election, will now take Donald Trump to court. Bet a lot of rising legal stars are going to line up for that gig.
The Republican National Party and Fox News are in for some rough road. The pockets, poolside at Fox are very deep. Maybe Fox will walk in this round, but like the guys with two fingers, who say “I’m watching you.”
As Robert Mueller just announced, he will not need to meet with Donald Trump as he has, and not limited to, 4 separate counts for Obstruction of justice by Trump. They include but are not limited to, 1 the firing of James Comey, 2 lying about a Trump Tower meeting with Russian operatives, and Donald Trump Jr. Trump wanted to obtain damaging information about Hillary Clinton, 3, offering pardons to prevent testimony in a grand jury criminal investigation (Manaford and Flynn), and finally 4, Telling Jeff Sessions to not recuse himself from a criminal investigation. Executive Office cannot tell Judicial what do. The President has to ask, not tell Judicial what to do. It’s over the line.
Most thought Mueller would get maybe one or two potentially provable charges. He has 4. Also as part of the investigation are the charges of illegal money payoff to a former a sexual partner of Trump. The check came from the Republican Partys’ campaign funds of Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen. Cohen initially fell on his sword, Now he’s facing time, he might change his toon. To get less time, everybody starts talking.
The Trump team is Trump himself, now aided by a war room of Republican Party members in collusion with Fox News, and various unnamed “Advisees”, to fight the Alamo battle to discredit Mueller and Comey. The Republican Party will drop out of the alliance after Nov. That horse can’t win anymore.
Never in the history of America has a political party aligned with a media company to attack the integrity of the FBI. But the desperation of the embattled President has forced this winner take all battle. Unfortunately for him, but these young kids today are on the ball. Its a real swelling tide.
Now isolated and panicking, the President and the Republican Party are going to its far right Media roots to save the presidency, Simultaneously alienating just about everybody else. If you are drinking the Koolaid, he’s still God.
I believe he’s miserable, cant take much more of how he’s living. Ain’t much fun. Malania has to be miserable also. She is very separate from him. He’s going to pop, he’s irratic. He had to wrap his arms around himself to be able to talk the other day. He is going to explode.
One way or the other down the road, he will find same rare disease to force him from office. I think he’s starting to get the whiff that this is not good. They, turns out, can do what they want to do, and you now have to admit to what you did. I don’t think he can handle the truth. Thank you Jack.
Donald Trump won’t face the firing squad, he’ll just have to face the judge, and this one Fox doesn’t own. Yes you are right, his medical records are Private. I think in his own mind he thinks he’s right. Escept for whats comin’, he doesn’t have a clue. He backs the wrong horse every time. He doesn’t want you in his taxes or his private deals, or his medical records. All of them are pretty awful.
Testimony already given by Flynn and Maniford, as well as recently obtained communications of Trump’s personal lawyer are said to provide the needed evidence to bring the investigation to its conclusion. The Trump White House is about to become Trumpgate and the Alamo in one televised spectacular. Pay attention folks,it’s your country that has been hijacked by this collusion with Russia. The Trump brand has taken a knockout hit, with their downgrading, going to be some buildings for sale. And a empty seat at the White House. With you know who is next. Mr Quiet. He was there for all of it. Tune in.

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  1. Reply Kenn April 14, 2018 at 12:18 pm

    Not looking forward to a Pence presidency and apparently neither is the Republican Party.

    Can anyone explain to me why the fundamentalist Christian Church, leaders,and followers support our adulterous con man president who cheats everyone he deals with – Wives, contractors, banks and lies about everything.

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