We are YakkinBack

Welcome…You have the opportunity to become a Yakkinbacker. Someone who can’t take it anymore. You watch as our country gets dumber and dumber. You see that our systems are failing, You want it to stop. What can you do? Well you can let everyone know your opinion. Start Yakkinback.

We are going to use our voices to get the ball rolling again as we move onward during Trumpdom. We did it before in this country with civil and voting rights, gay and women rights. Its time to do it again, with our voices. We need to save the freedoms we so earnestly won.

In the meantime you have your life to live, so we will entertain you with our movie, streaming, and restaurant reviews.  We’ll have news updates and everything else from our contributors. Sign up for email daily yaks. Add your comments to our opinions. Tell everyone you know to start YakkinBack. Let’s have some fun…ps click on the title to go to the web page if you are reading this on your cell.