A Private War

Rosamund Pike plays Marie Colvin a fearless war correspondent who traveled where no one else could or would in her pursuit to tell the story of the victims of war. A grenade exploded near her when she was covering Sri Lanks and she lost her left eye. Undaunted she continued her dedication and traveled to Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. She had cocktails with government leaders, she interviewed Quadaffi, she met with insurgent leaders beyond the protection of this government or her news organization. She broadcast live when they discovered the bodies of the innocents murdered by Bashar al-Assad.
Beyond common sense due to her post traumatic disorder and her resultant alcoholism, she lost her life in Homs, Syria when she refused to evacuate. A powerful story of a woman whose self made mission was to report the unbearable cruelty and pain of war. God knows how they made this movie as it puts you front and center in the most dangerous of places. Almost unbearable to watch, as you want her to survive, but know the odds are stacked against her. Ms. Pike will receive recognition for this brutal role. I warn you, this one is so real, you may not sleep afterwards.

A Private War
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A Private War. For all to see.

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