A Private Life

Tamara Jenkins wrote and directed this insightful and funny, New York story of a infertile couple (the always terrific Paul Giamatti and the wickedly precise Kathryn Hahn) who do everything they can to conceive. Procedure after procedure with the concomitant emotional consequences. Cursing fighting and staying the course is their staple. The film shows their disappointment and heartbreaking false hopes. We ride with them during doctor’s appointments and family dramas. It’s so NY with tons of small references and the street visuals are so good. Jenkins has a feel for one liners and throw away quips that it keeps the film buoyant. Enter the step niece and it really gets going. Despite a tough topic there is a lightheartedness that buffers the difficult story. I mean when they invite the social worker into their apt to evaluate their parental fitness, the social working is staring at a giant picture of her hairy vagina hanging on the wall. Gotta love it.

A Private Life
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