A kid like Jake

Fine movie about a kid’s right to be free of gender stereotypes, and the dilemma the parents face while trying to chose between accepted social norms and permitting “difference.” Claire Danes is a right there mom. She loves Jake and plays and indulges his whims. Has she gone too far? Is she shaping his difference? Is the dad too passive? How do they handle what the other 4 year old are saying. He really is just a kid who likes “dress up.” Jim Parsons does a fantastic job as the dad. Ostavia Spencer does her usual believable acting as the school administrator. But its all about Danes and the kid. When she loses it, it is right out of Carries’ Homeland role. Ms intense. Ps In the spat between the parents, each makes their point, but I took sides. Will you?

A kid like Jake
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A kid like Jake....somewhat different.

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