3:17 to Paris

Even though I can’t stand his politics, closer to John Wayne’s rather than Warren Beatty’s, I do respect his acting and filmmaking. Clint Eastwood delivers again with 3:17 to Paris, a reinactment of the three American guys who stopped a terrorist on a train to a Paris.
The film focuses on the three childhood friends, from their troubled relationships with school to their desire to be someone and make a difference,
The story is warm and genuine and shows them as regular nice guys who join the military and only want to serve. They are between assignments and decide to meet in Europe as they have fun in Italy, Germany and Amsterdam. You like them as they are polite and respectful. They debate whether to see Paris due to the negative reviews, its 2015. But they decide to see the Eiffel Tower anyway. On their way they are confronted by the armed terrorist.
I am glad Eastwood focused on the guys and their moms and not turn this into a political story. You will enjoy the movie.

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