Don’t they mean Faux News?

On Wednesday morning Foxnews ran reruns of Trump election victory of 2016 and did not cover the Virginia and New Jersey Democratic election victories. No mention of it. Well to me if you call yourself a news network and you don’t report the NEWS, then your charter as a FCC licensed news agency should be revoked. That’s false advertising.
If you want to call Yourself Fox Opinion Channel or Fox Selected Non Reality Bites thats fine. But when you continually lie, make shit up, and distort everything to your slant is hard to gulp down calling yourself a news channel.
I know there is a lot of right wing money making you say what you say, but yesterday when you reported that the Trump administration was holding up the ATT merger because it included CNN, which he and you brand as fake news, it really was too much to take. Trump and Fox are THE FAKE news. Alternate facts as Kellyanne says. But how do you get a FCC license to only report what you want to say and call it news? In my world there is good news and bad news, but to Fox its our news. Then say its ONLY our good news. Sean Hannity should have a segment called “You’ll think we made this up”, but he won’t tell you he did.

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  1. Reply Mike Olson November 11, 2017 at 9:59 am

    For sure. The only use our old late ninetys tv has gotten for 12 years is to play dvd’s. We really pulled the plug 30 years ago. The end result? I’m terrable at tv trivia now.
    Radio is where it’s at and depending where you live that can be challenging too. I listen to radio live, online, or local. Most programs are archived.
    You can do more things than be stuck in front of a screen.

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