2018 Yankees post mortem

I returned from Mexico in April happy to have the 2018 baseball Yankee season to watch. They ended up 2017 with a lot of promise. There was a lot of young energy on the team. Clint Frazier was an energy dynamo. Stealing bases, taking an extra base and making diving catches. Young Andujar, Torres and Torreyes all looked to be the real deal. Add Didi and a healthy Bird at first and they looked unbeatable. Add Judge and Stanton and they looked explosive and powerful. Pitching would be the issue. CC was wearing down. Sonny Grey had a lot of question marks, but Tanaka and Severino looked good. Jordan Montgomery might be the best of them all. New Manager Aaron Boone seemed like a nice guy but maybe a little too quiet. So lets play ball.
Right out of the jump Montgomery is gone for the year. Frazier tries to run through a wall and knocks himself all but out for the year. Stanton strikes out for the first month and Sanchez can’t either catch or hit. But they get on a roll and overcome injuries and start really hitting home runs at a phenomenal clip. I start to worry. Home run reliant teams never do well against play off better pitching. You need bases runners and singles hitters.
The season was going along well until Judge got hit. Those 7 weeks turned them into a .500 team. Stanton had his best run, but Sanchez pulled a groin muscle. Severino showed he was human and Sonny Grey turned into a mound disaster at Yankee Stadium. Greg Bird showed if you need someone to pop up, he’s your guy. Brett Gardner wore down as he always does in the second half. Now a .238 hitter, also no hits in the playoffs. In his defense he still runs down fly balls and walks a lot.
So what now? First Aaron Boone. Really have to question where his mind went in leaving Severino in for the 4th inning and then bringing in Lance Lynn a starter who only had two relief appearances all year, is head scratching. He had Holder and Green. Then he leaves CC in too long when everyone in the ballpark knew he was done. Cost them a game. And in the final at bat he leaves Torres in to hit. The kid hadn’t hit in the last three weeks. Put in Andujar. Where’s the Tino pinch hitter off the bench? Just brain dead managing. To his credit he put Sanchez in the 5th spot to show support when he should be batting ninth. It worked, made Sanchez feel the coach had his back and he produced.
But what happened to all the speed? Where was the running game? Singles, bunts and more singles, with walks, score runs. The team got quiet with Boone, who puts you to sleep when he talks.
For 2019 say good bye to Tyler Wade, an automatic out. Jacoby Ellsbury should be declared medically unable to perform and let the insurance pay him 22 million. Say goodbye to Bird, they guy can”t hit or stay healthy. Sonny Gray will look good in Japan. Gardner had a good Yankee career, but its time to ship him. Stanton, to me it looks like Arod all over again except this is a nice guy with good character. But 27 million demands you hit the ball with the bases loade and no out in the ninth inning. They need to get him a bat that is one and a half feet longer, because the down and away slider he is trying to hit is one and a half feet off the plate. He can’t seem to learn that that pitch is not near being hittable. If it starts off in the middle of the plate and goes south and east, just don’t swing. For 27 million you have to do better.
Judge and Didi are their two best players with Andujar a promising start. so is Torres if he can adjust to pitchers adjusting to him. Hope Frazier stays healthy. Love the kid. Get a quality starter and hope Montgomery comes back. Get some doubles hitters to come off the bench. And give some pep pills to Boone. Betances and Chapman still dominate in the pen.
So for 2019 get back to the speed game, get a pitcher and some good off the bench guys. And don’t let Boone make the pitching calls. If Rothschild can’t step up, get someone who can.

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    You should apply for the job as manager!!

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